Spotlight on Marissa Levin: Successful Culture, CEO/Founder


Marissa is a mover and a shaker and has a ‘WonderWomen’ cape on her that you cannot see! Marissa is the Founder and CEO of, Successful Culture, helping leaders transition through growth. Read our 1:1 Q&A with this inspirational female leader!

LL: Leadership and Culture have had some disruption as of late: How would you posture and ‘fix’ these problematic Corporate cultures?

ML: Every corporate culture ties back to the core values. When companies lose their way, it is because they have lost sight of what they stand for…what matters to them more than profits. They’ve lost their moral compass. Values are the foundation of every organization, and ideally drive every business decision.

Regarding leadership, one of the best pieces of advice I received is “great leaders subjugate their own agendas for the greater good of the organization.” When leaders lose their way, in my experience it is because they’ve lost their focus on what’s best for the organization and are more focused on themselves.


LL: Who inspires and motivates you (i.e.: Who has given you the ‘food for thought’, example and/or way that your philosophies align for ‘Successful Culture‘?

ML: Tony Robbins. Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Tony Hsieh of Zappos –  he is covering the cots of all Vegas massacre victims, and set up a $1 million fund for their families.  ( He betters the world in countless ways.



LL: What is the mantra/quote that represents the DNA  of ‘Successful Culture“? 


“Do not let your fire out, spark by irreplaceable spark. The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.” –Ayn Rand

“Our intention creates our reality.’  ~Wayne Dyer


Top Trending Bridal Style: Brides & Boots

Bold brides wear boots! Southern brides are ditching tradition and choosing their favorite cowgirl boots over heels to complement their rustic wedding style. I have never seen fashion look so comfortable! There is no better way to enjoy your special day than slipping into a pair of your own cowgirl boots.

This unique idea has quickly become one of 2017’s most influential wedding trends. Not only for its aesthetically pleasing charm but because brides have found multiple ways cowgirl boots can enhance their special day.

Beyond taking the stress off your feet brides have found unique ways to literally tie in their something blue. Tying a small blue ribbon around your boot loop is the perfect accent to an already great idea.


There are so many different color and embellishment routes you can take when choosing your wedding boot style. Most brides have been opting for a simple boot while keeping the focus on the dress. While others hit the dance floor in a bright pink fully embellished pair to make a sassy statement.



What I love most about a cowgirl wedding is the authentic, fun, and rustic feel when looking at the wedding party. Brides typically let the bridesmaids choose their own boots to match the dress giving each member a unique appeal but overall cohesive look. Seeing the entire wedding party including the men standing in a pair of timeless boots is just another way to acknowledge the unity of the couple and the friendships around them.


And lastly, the incredible decor ideas that will leave every guest speechless. Gorgeous flowers in a cowboy boot vase are memorable on every level. Brides have used Zappos as a way to quickly and cost effectively create their centerpieces.


The simplest way to create your one-of-a-kind wedding day look is a custom Laura Lee Designs bridal handbag. Our White Stepping Out bag adds a show-stopping unique flair to every bride’s beautiful gown. This elegantly embellished bag is the perfect way to personalize your special day!


Works  Cited:–country-bridal-pictures-wedding-cowgirl-boots.jpg   


In honor of chasing an endless summer Laura Lee Design’s wants to share with you our beach/poolside checklist. When needing a quick escape to the beach we at Laura Lee Design’s grab our weekend getaway bag full of all our essentials.


Sitting pretty poolside is easier said than done. That is why we have made it simple using our perfectly embellished travel tote to fit all your summer amenities. The first step in creating a put-together vacation look is having an eye catching bag as the focal point then adding simple matching accessories to seal the deal.   


Some of our poolside must haves:


  • SPF 50+ CC Cream
  • Water Resistant SunScreen
  • Salt Water Hair Spray
  • Matching Sun Glasses
  • Strappy Comfortable Shoes
  • Wide Brim Sun Hat
  • LLD ‘Weekend Getaway’ handbag


We would love to hear more of your fun in the sun travel essentials and experiences!


What better way to capture an accurate view of the current fashion climate then the streets of NYC? American women are transforming daytime fashion into sleek athletic (athleisure) and casual streetwear to fit their daily routines. Walking around NYC you see women choosing yoga pants and boyfriend jeans with a statement jacket and handbag over the traditional tailored daytime look. The two models above were spotted in the East Village sporting their daily go-to looks and Laura Lee Designs statement handbags.

American women are switching up their look because it gives them versatility throughout their wardrobe and their day! The effortless boyfriend jean and T-shirt is always an appropriate and flattering daytime combo. But what adds the high-fashion component is the showstopping handbag you pair with it. Reason #1 this is a smart and wearable style is because you can never wear a handbag or boyfriend jean too many times. Once you invest in the accessory and denim having a few casual tops to switch up keeps getting ready simple. One of the best designer examples of streetwear meets runway is Vetements Official partnering with classic brands such as Levi’s and Champion. You can create the same runway look using a name brand such as Laura Lee Designs handbag with streetwear styling.

The beauty behind Athleisure wear is that women are able to comfortably and elegantly transition from the gym to the rest of their daily activities. Even if you do not have gym plans Athleisure gives women the flexibility within their day to take on a multitude of activities with style. You see women running with their kids on a field trip then going out to lunch. The most fundamentally unique aspect of modern Athleisure is the glamorous accent piece. For example using Laura Lee Designs you are able to dress your simple look up while maintaining functionality with the Weekend Getaway Bag.

                                                        (LLD Streetwear)                                                          

(LLD Athleisure)


How to create these looks with Laura Lee Designs!

LLD Streetwear – MBag (Pink) / Mid-rise Boyfriend Jeans / Vintage T / Converse

LLD Athleisure – Weekend Getaway Bag (Magenta) / Athletic Wear Basic Set / Statement Athletic Sneaker


Mothers Day Admiration

I am always beyond honored to have our one-of-a-kind bags worn by such a strong business women. While this weekend is adornments to our wonderful Mom’s, I want to share an extra-special Mom who also happens to be a dynamic CEO, philanthropist and role model:  My amazing friend Kristina Bouweiri. CEO of Washington, D.C.’s premier chauffeured transportation services, a proud mother of four (yes, FOUR) beautiful children, Kristina

is an inspiration and greatly admired by all. Here’s to ALL the Mom’s out there, and to the one’s (KB!) who work so hard in every endeavor and part of their lives to give us the inspiration and diligence to keep aiming for our dreams and goals
Here’s to you!

Read on for a few kind words from those who know Kristina best!



“KRISTINA = So blessed to have you in my life! You are an amazing business woman, friend, and mother to your four kids! Happy Mother’s Day!!” –Pat Maccini
K = Kind hearted, Knowledgeable, Knockout
R = Respected, Recognized, Romantic
I = Intelligent, Introspective, Irresistible
S = Sensitive, Stubborn, Sexy
T = Talented, Tenacious, Tender
I = Imagination, Impressive, Impartial
N = Nonconforming, Nice, Noteworthy
A = Ambitious, Adventurous, Amazing

“Never underestimate the thoughtful and generous power of Kristina Bouweiri.” — Sharon Ragland

“One of the many things that I admire about Kristina is her loyalty to her friends. No matter how busy, Kristina will always respond to a friend in need and do everything within her power to help you any way she can. It’s one of the traits that make her so special.”—Kelly Harmon

“Kristina is a sister that I got to choose. She is “always there”, when I need a friend, a brilliant leader, networker, able and willing to think outside the box, generous to a fault, loyal beyond comprehension, and lots of fun. We have shared both sad and glorious moments, always with a shared mantra, ‘life is too short to drink bad wine'” —Grace Keenan

“One of the greatest gifts of a true girlfriend-friendship are those moments when you can engage in those personal and intimate conversations with people you love and admire. It is those moments when you can share your dreams, ambitions, goals, challenges, foibles and what would make one think they have enjoyed a life well-lived. Kristina and I have enjoyed many such conversations, but one of those most memorable was when she shared that she would know she was really successful when she could consider herself a philanthropist. Well Kristina, you accomplished that goal long ago–you are a GREAT Philanthropist!” —Cynthia de Lorenzi