Showstopper Female – Elaine Mensah

I have to admit, it has to take a truly fantastic showstopper of talent to make me stop and pay attention to:  They have to be relatable, humble, and extra-driven. There are those of us who know amazing people that we wish the world consisted more of. Elaine Mensah is one of those people whom everyone should know. Not only is she is a pillar of pro-activeness, multi-tasks five different projects and make it look effortless but she does it all with an ever-present smile on her face. Everyone should know or have the chance to have an Elaine Mensah in their life. That is why I’m sharing with you this Sparkling Spotlight and for you to get to know the ever fabulous

Elaine Mensah.


LL: What is the impetus of the company? What is the one idea/moment that drove you to begin Elaine Mensah Inc?
EM: As a corporate executive for almost 10 years, working at some of the most renowned consulting firms, I made the life-changing decision to refocus my skills and expertise and become a full time entrepreneur.
The impetus for the shift came from my change of industry from management consulting for federal entities to the business side (creative strategy, marketing, branding and collaboration) of the fashion and lifestyle industry.
To find my where my purpose and passion most aligned with business, I spent several years exploring the creative, media, and entrepreneurial spaces. I did everything from running non-profits that spoke to my industry to, to starting one of the fashion industry’s first fashion podcast, to producing over 70 digital videos at a time before “vlogger” was a term, to styling fashion editorials and developing a byline, writing, directing, and producing a feature length documentary, creating a book that served as a resource guide for the fashion community in washington dc, to working with creative brands and startups on their brand strategy and implementations and much more.
Elaine Mensah Inc is culmination of those experiences and is a vehicle for me to help others navigate the mindfield of self development and entrepreneurship.
LL: What experience(s) in your past led you to laun​c​​h​ your business/service​ ​; Elaine Mensah Inc? 
EM: Over the years I have worked with a global portfolio of clients, ranging from emerging start-ups to established and have created various businesses and products from books to films to media entities and more.
As a result, I experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows so I created Elaine Mensah Inc with the sole purposes of sharing what I have learned and equipping creative entrepreneurs, startups, and innovative companies with strategy and inspiration to build impactful brands that matter.
LL: What is one of your favorite example of ​business that sets you apart and that ​you have established within ​the​ company or​ your​ team?
EM: The biggest thing that sets me apart and makes me fulfilled is that I am doing purpose-driven work. Which is doing what I believe is my God-given talent —taking an incredible, inconceivable idea from nothing to something, building a brand from the ground up and watching it fly, and igniting people with the fire of possibility and rallying them around a purpose.
The truth is, I love tinkering and unboxing things—technology, ideas, and brands. I love the exhilaration that comes with trying something new. I love charged, creative environments and new challenges. I love helping people to express, create, or build something that matters.
​LL: How have you most related to ​your customers and helped them based on your own experience?
EM: I am most able to relate to my clients, audiences I speak to, and partners / collaborators that I work with through my authenticity and relatability. I am unashamed and unafraid to admit failure or losses. I am transparent at all times with my intentions, and I deliver on what I say I will do.
My biggest and most important life and business mantra is “Integrity is EVERYTHING.” Never give up on it for short term gain or what seems to be an opportunity. It’s not worth it because to me if you don’t have integrity, none of the success matters.

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