Top Trending Bridal Style: Brides & Boots

Top Trending Bridal Style: Brides & Boots

Bold brides wear boots! Southern brides are ditching tradition and choosing their favorite cowgirl boots over heels to complement their rustic wedding style. I have never seen fashion look so comfortable! There is no better way to enjoy your special day than slipping into a pair of your own cowgirl boots.

This unique idea has quickly become one of 2017’s most influential wedding trends. Not only for its aesthetically pleasing charm but because brides have found multiple ways cowgirl boots can enhance their special day.

Beyond taking the stress off your feet brides have found unique ways to literally tie in their something blue. Tying a small blue ribbon around your boot loop is the perfect accent to an already great idea.


There are so many different color and embellishment routes you can take when choosing your wedding boot style. Most brides have been opting for a simple boot while keeping the focus on the dress. While others hit the dance floor in a bright pink fully embellished pair to make a sassy statement.



What I love most about a cowgirl wedding is the authentic, fun, and rustic feel when looking at the wedding party. Brides typically let the bridesmaids choose their own boots to match the dress giving each member a unique appeal but overall cohesive look. Seeing the entire wedding party including the men standing in a pair of timeless boots is just another way to acknowledge the unity of the couple and the friendships around them.


And lastly, the incredible decor ideas that will leave every guest speechless. Gorgeous flowers in a cowboy boot vase are memorable on every level. Brides have used Zappos as a way to quickly and cost effectively create their centerpieces.


The simplest way to create your one-of-a-kind wedding day look is a custom Laura Lee Designs bridal handbag. Our White Stepping Out bag adds a show-stopping unique flair to every bride’s beautiful gown. This elegantly embellished bag is the perfect way to personalize your special day!


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