Athleisure X Streetstyle

What better way to capture an accurate view of the current fashion climate then the streets of NYC? American women are transforming daytime fashion into sleek athletic (athleisure) and casual streetwear to fit their daily routines. Walking around NYC you see women choosing yoga pants and boyfriend jeans with a statement jacket and handbag over the traditional tailored daytime look. The two models above were spotted in the East Village sporting their daily go-to looks and Laura Lee Designs statement handbags.

American women are switching up their look because it gives them versatility throughout their wardrobe and their day! The effortless boyfriend jean and T-shirt is always an appropriate and flattering daytime combo. But what adds the high-fashion component is the showstopping handbag you pair with it. Reason #1 this is a smart and wearable style is because you can never wear a handbag or boyfriend jean too many times. Once you invest in the accessory and denim having a few casual tops to switch up keeps getting ready simple. One of the best designer examples of streetwear meets runway is Vetements Official partnering with classic brands such as Levi’s and Champion. You can create the same runway look using a name brand such as Laura Lee Designs handbag with streetwear styling.

The beauty behind Athleisure wear is that women are able to comfortably and elegantly transition from the gym to the rest of their daily activities. Even if you do not have gym plans Athleisure gives women the flexibility within their day to take on a multitude of activities with style. You see women running with their kids on a field trip then going out to lunch. The most fundamentally unique aspect of modern Athleisure is the glamorous accent piece. For example using Laura Lee Designs you are able to dress your simple look up while maintaining functionality with the Weekend Getaway Bag.

                                                        (LLD Streetwear)                                                          

(LLD Athleisure)


How to create these looks with Laura Lee Designs!

LLD Streetwear – MBag (Pink) / Mid-rise Boyfriend Jeans / Vintage T / Converse

LLD Athleisure – Weekend Getaway Bag (Magenta) / Athletic Wear Basic Set / Statement Athletic Sneaker


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