Mothers Day Admiration

Mothers Day Admiration

I am always beyond honored to have our one-of-a-kind bags worn by such a strong business women. While this weekend is adornments to our wonderful Mom’s, I want to share an extra-special Mom who also happens to be a dynamic CEO, philanthropist and role model:  My amazing friend Kristina Bouweiri. CEO of Washington, D.C.’s premier chauffeured transportation services, a proud mother of four (yes, FOUR) beautiful children, Kristina

is an inspiration and greatly admired by all. Here’s to ALL the Mom’s out there, and to the one’s (KB!) who work so hard in every endeavor and part of their lives to give us the inspiration and diligence to keep aiming for our dreams and goals
Here’s to you!

Read on for a few kind words from those who know Kristina best!



“KRISTINA = So blessed to have you in my life! You are an amazing business woman, friend, and mother to your four kids! Happy Mother’s Day!!” –Pat Maccini
K = Kind hearted, Knowledgeable, Knockout
R = Respected, Recognized, Romantic
I = Intelligent, Introspective, Irresistible
S = Sensitive, Stubborn, Sexy
T = Talented, Tenacious, Tender
I = Imagination, Impressive, Impartial
N = Nonconforming, Nice, Noteworthy
A = Ambitious, Adventurous, Amazing

“Never underestimate the thoughtful and generous power of Kristina Bouweiri.” — Sharon Ragland

“One of the many things that I admire about Kristina is her loyalty to her friends. No matter how busy, Kristina will always respond to a friend in need and do everything within her power to help you any way she can. It’s one of the traits that make her so special.”—Kelly Harmon

“Kristina is a sister that I got to choose. She is “always there”, when I need a friend, a brilliant leader, networker, able and willing to think outside the box, generous to a fault, loyal beyond comprehension, and lots of fun. We have shared both sad and glorious moments, always with a shared mantra, ‘life is too short to drink bad wine'” —Grace Keenan

“One of the greatest gifts of a true girlfriend-friendship are those moments when you can engage in those personal and intimate conversations with people you love and admire. It is those moments when you can share your dreams, ambitions, goals, challenges, foibles and what would make one think they have enjoyed a life well-lived. Kristina and I have enjoyed many such conversations, but one of those most memorable was when she shared that she would know she was really successful when she could consider herself a philanthropist. Well Kristina, you accomplished that goal long ago–you are a GREAT Philanthropist!” —Cynthia de Lorenzi

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