Houston Live Stock and Rodeo Show

Houston Live Stock and Rodeo Show

Rodeo time is such a large time in Texas and Laura Lee Designs, Inc. gets to take part in the biggest rodeo in not only the state itself, but also the world! How cool is that? Come visit LLD in booth #B3048!

For those of you that can’t make it down to Houston, Texas – we’d like to virtually bring it to you the best that we can. To kick things off, let’s learn about HLSR!

– Since the first show in the 1930’s, over $40 million dollars have been committed to the youth through scholarships.

– Volunteers make the organization what it is; there are over 30,000 men and women who put in countless hours.

– For many rodeo contestants, getting an opportunity to be apart of HLSR is a high point in their careers.

– The rotating stage that takes the dirt every night was once only seen at HLSR and only taken by those asked to perform.

– On an average day, there are anywhere from 60,000 – 75,000 people on the grounds at once. Record days will see over 100,000!

For some, it’s hard to imagine that many events have the potential to generate that much foot traffic on any given day, but we are here to tell you that’s the case during rodeo time in Houston, Texas.

Through the course of the next twenty days, we plan to keep you updated on all things

#RODEOHOUSTON – If you’re in town, come by and see what the big deal is! We want to see how you make the experience yours!


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