Looking Back at a Sparkling 2016

Fresh starts are wonderful and each and every one of us has a blank/clean slate at the beginning of every year. Instead of new years resolutions, we like to think that we are just extending what we didn’t finish from last year. Still wanting to think and be different in the forthcoming year, but to actually continue on with (new) and continued ideas, creations, processes and added-unique ways of thinking.


Are we excited for the new year, you might ask. Of course. But we don’t want to label that we are going to be completely different than what we were in 2016. As one of the iconic brands that we admire and revere had as their tag line many years ago- we’re just going to ‘think different’ while still holding onto the common core elements and values we’ve always had: quality, seamless customer service (always our #1 goal and not always achieved—but boy do we try!)


Here’s to a brand new year—may you revel in it and live up to all your visions, dreams and goals. All of us here at Laura Lee Designs is cheering you into 2017!


Sparkle on! 

LL and LLD Team


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